Servi-Titres, your service voucher service provider in Bastogne and Rendeux

Logo servi-titresUse service vouchers to hire a professional team for your household work. Servi-Titres provides home assistance and ironing services.

Created in 2006, Servi-Titres has been providing home assistance via service vouchers for over 10 years in Bastogne and Rendeux. The company completed its offering with an ironing service in Bastogne in 2017. Servi-Titres combines flexible schedules and quality service to meet your needs with personalised service.

How service vouchers work


A service voucher is a payment method which enables you to benefit from home assistance and ironing services. You get a special rate of €9 per hour to help you manage your household. The use of service vouchers is only authorised for your personal needs and not for business use.

You can choose between the paper service voucher or the electronic service voucher. Orders can be placed with Sodexo for a minimum of 10 service vouchers.

Home assistance


Our home assistance teams work in Bastogne and Rendeux.
Home assistance is provided to help clean your house, do laundry, iron, do your shopping, prepare meals and do occasional minor sewing work.
You can also request occasional help for major cleaning before or after an event or if you are temporarily disabled.



Our ironing service is provided by a team which is professionally trained in ironing techniques (ironing, folding, etc.) to provide the best possible ironing service.

We provide recognised quality service combined with an excellent quality/price ratio. Quick and effective service is also very important to us.
You can meet with Serviplast staff from Monday to Friday between 7am to 7pm in our warm, spacious and welcoming offices. Our staff can also come to your home.

Our ironing services are also available for holiday cottages.