The assembly and the packaging of your equipments by Serviplast !

service assemblage Serviplast

Thanks to its technical assembly department, Serviplast offers you a solution of flexible subcontracting. Discover the skills of a partner who is commiting to the quality and on-time delivery !

Cable cutting operations, setting, winding, installation of terminal block, electrical assembly, connectors, … Serviplast teams are expert in a wide range of technical services in order to answer to specific features of our customers.

Certified ISO 9001, Serviplast sets up a suitable quality control on every production in cooperation with the customer in order to guarantee the requested quality level.

Devices to combat the migraine

Creator of an innovative solution for migraine treatment, Cefaly gives the assembly of the devices to Serviplast for more than 10 years. In a premise dedicated to this production, keeping at constant temperature permanently, the assembly team deals every day with the orders received by the customer.

Transformers for airport lighting

Worldwide leader in the equipment of lighting setting up for airports, ADB Safegate outsources the production of transformers by Serviplast. Plastic injection of the carcass, winding, roofing and riveting are made on a production line specifically implemented for the customer.

Controling and measuring bodies and boxes

Decatel, distributor of solutions for different industrial sectors, chose Serviplast for the assembly of bodies, boxes and connector boards. Controling and measuring devices which are subjected to a quality control on every piece produced.

Wires and cables made to measure

Thanks to recent investments, Serviplast has the required equipment for the wires and cables cutting. But also for the stripping and seaming for series from a few dozen to thousands pieces.

Modules for the aviation

Amphenol ALB, global player in aeronautic sectors and railway indutries, gives to Serviplast the assembly of modules intended for electrical power of wagons and locomotives.  Series from a few units to dozens pieces, every production is specific and is subjected to an adapted quality control.

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