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Do you need plastic components for your production ? Are you searching for a partner to develop your new products ? Ask for a specialist in plastic injection who is capable of guiding you on every step of your project. 

Developping a new plastic part is an hard project which requires to have the good skills for every step. During the design, also during the production of the tool and of course during the final production, Serviplast can count on its experts to make your project a success.

An in-depth analysis for an optimal design

First step of your project : the design starts with the datas collection and the analysis of all the characteristics and parameters specific to the product you would like to create. Dimensions, aspects, requirements, research of the substance, but also the optimisation of the injection parameters, eco-design as well as a packaging study are important aspects for your project. We must to study these points from the outset.

A Project Manager dedicated for a maximum effectiveness

With Serviplast, every project is coordinated by a unique manager. This person has an overview of the project, can insure the deadline compliance and guarantee the final quality of your product.

1 process – 3 essential steps

At every step of your project, the expert teams of Serviplast are doing the best possible to make your project a success :

The design

2D and 3D drawings, injection simulation, prototype, design of the mold… Discover how the engineering department of Serviplast helps you to create your product.

The production of the tool

In Belgium, in Europe or in Asia, Serviplast chooses the most appropriate manufacturer and check on-site the respect of our specifications in order to guarantee quality tool.

The validation of the part

After the tests of the mold and the optimisation of the injection parameters, the project comes to an end. We just expect your validation to start to produce.

A global range of services

The services offered by Serviplast are not limited to the design and injection of your plastic part. We can also offer you :

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