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Local Serviplast services


Need to cut your grass or trim your hedge? Clean your offices, your common areas or your shop? Bulk up your teams for occasional or long-term projects? Discover Serviplast’s local services.

Serviplast’s Services Division offers a wide range of services for which quality of execution and on-time delivery are key aspects. Our services cover horticulture, cleaning of business premises and services for companies and local authorities.

Serviplast’s local services are intended for private individuals, companies, government and local authorities and provided by highly trained and qualified staff.



Our professional teams will take care of the following for your yard care and your green areas:

  • lawn mowing and scarifying trimming of hedges, beds and perennials;
  • pruning of trees and shrubs;
  • yard clearing and cleaning;
  • weeding of surroundings and outdoor areas;
  • raking of dead leaves and plant waste.

Thanks to Serviplast, your yard will be in great shape all year round.

Cleaning of business premises


Serviplast provides flexible service on your schedule to clean your offices, building common areas, sales and display areas, and workshops.

Our cleaning crews are trained in cleaning techniques using the appropriate products. They will follow all confidentiality and privacy rules at all times.

They will clean your premises based on your instructions regarding frequency, the use of specific products, the special care required for certain surfaces, the order of cleaning, waste management, etc.

They will also be on the lookout for any issues in your building to prevent future problems (traces of humidity, out-of-order lifts, electrical problems, etc.).

Services for businesses


Serviplast can bulk up your teams for occasional or long-term projects: pallet reconditioning, workshop set-up, inventories, construction worksite labour, etc.

We will supervise our staff based on your needs and work organisation. Our staff is reliable and specifically trained for each assignment.

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Services for municipalities


Marquee set up, public space cleaning, seasonal work, occasional services…Serviplast provides municipalities and local authorities with flexible and effective solutions for their projects.