B-Fix called on Serviplast and Addiparts to develop its new ventilation wedge

Serviplast B-Fix

Specialised in invisible fixing systems for the outside decking and cladding, B-Fix wanted to develop a new part in order to improve the indoor ventilation of its wood structures. Mission accomplished ! Serviplast mobilized its expertise to design and produce a part which meet perfectly the requirements of the customer.

The request of B-Fix

The aim of B-Fix for its new project is to extend the lifespan of the patios by preventing water retention and inside rotting of the wood. The piece had to reply to the 2 following constraints :

  • be compatible with the fixing systems of the range while ensuring a perfect stability of the structure ;
  • offer a maximal ventilation at the attachment points and to avoid the contact between the woods.

The proposed solution

To answer the needs of its customer, Serviplast implements 3 steps :

The conception

After an in-depth analysis of the technical aspects of the project, the engineering department of Serviplast (in collaboration with Addiparts) made a first proposition. Thanks to the 3D prototype and the injection simulation, the part has been improved and optimized. An optimization of the technical performances as well as the choice of the material and the injection parameters in order to reach the minimum cost.

The manufacture of the mold

At the same time as the development of the part, the engineering department launches invitation to tender for the conception of the mold. A functional specifications is sent to the manufacturers of mold to let them designed the most powerful tool.

Tests and validation of the part

The last step of the development is the tests. Certified ISO 9001, Serviplast has developped quite strict quality control processes. The first pieces are checked to guarantee dimensions aspects as well as the mechanical constraints.

The result

After 2 corrections, the development of the new ventilation wedge is completed. The production can start.

Mr Van Winckel from B-Fix : « We are really proud to add this new product to our range of fixing systems. Thanks to a great collaboration with Serviplast, we have designed a a high-performance and competitive product. »