3D Printing: The Advantages of Short Runs

3D Printing: The Advantages of Short Runs

Ever more reliable and efficient, 3D printers are increasingly seen as an ideal solution for small production runs. Various applications, fast execution and lower production costs than for traditional methods are among the many advantages of a technology that is getting better and better every day.

B3D Printing Beyond Prototyping Printing

We mentioned in a previous article that Serviplast’s 3D printing department allows you to produce a prototype. You can then validate the design of the part before making a mould, a part that is indispensable to the mass-production injection procedure.D

Beyond its advantages in the prototyping process, 3D printing is also a real alternative for the production of short runs from 10 to 100 parts.

3D printing can meet all sorts of needs since it is so flexible to use. For example, when the dimensions and the shape of the part to be produced need to be modified, it is very simple to rerun the print programme after the model has been modified.

The Advantages of Short Runs: Flexibility, Time Savings and Lower Costs

The production of the mass-production mould for simple tooling might take about 12 weeks after client validation but clients sometimes need a small number of parts at speed.

The whole advantage of 3D printing lies in the fact that it is possible to provide a pre-run of printed parts to help out a client whilst their mould is being made.

For short runs alone, 3D printing allows the production of different products to be lined up one after the other without the need to invest in a costly moulding tool. This is where the advantages of this production method for short runs, i.e. time savings, lower costs and flexible production, cause it to become really competitive.

What is the Added Value for You?

Specialised in injection moulding for over 30 years, Serviplast has gradually set in place a complete range of services, i.e. a design team, tooling production (mould), injection moulding with or without technical assembly, packaging and dispatch.

With its new 3D printing department, Serviplast has extended its range of services yet a little further and can meet new demands whilst guaranteeing its usual services.

Staying at the cutting edge of new product and process development trends has become an absolute necessity. 3D printing is a must in this context. This is the ideal way to produce short runs at low cost and Serviplast places its design team, experience and its equipment at your disposal to help you do just that.

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