Give a new dimension to your ideas thanks to the 3D printing !

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Either to obtain very quickly a prototype of your new product or to produce a small quantity of pieces, choose the 3D printing. For the design of a new product or the realisation of a unique part, the experts of Serviplast guide you at every step of your project.

Serviplast is specialised in plastic injection for more than 30 years. Serviplast expand its range of services to 3D printing of your prototype and your plastic parts in small series.


The engineering department of Serviplast guides you in the 3D printing. Prototype, testing of parts in normal conditions of use, the validation of the design before the creation of the injection’s mold, the printing of a unique part or a small serie, Serviplast meets your need with a qualitative product and a speed performance appreciated by our customers.

Small series

What is the complexity of your part(s) ? What is the delivery time of your project ? How many parts do you need ?

The 3D printing provides a suitable answer to the production of small serie. Its flexibility and its reduced costs enable to meet your needs efficiently and quickly.

3D printer Stratasys F370

The printer Startasys F370 is an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and consists in drop off a filament of melted plastic by layer from 0,127 to 0,330 m thickness.

Printing volume: 356 x 254 x 356 mm regulated.

Printable materials: PLA, ASA, ABS, PC-ABS, TPU 92A black