Serviplast Group

Serviplast, economic performance and social mission

The Serviplast Group consists of three companies: Serviplast, Serviplast Outillage and Servi-Titres. The companies employ over 250 people and have developed expertise in the following three fields: Industry, Construction and Services. They share a common DNA: to combine a profitable business with a social purpose.

Three areas of activity: Industry, Construction and Services


Serviplast has grown its business over 40 years in three fields:

  • Industry including expertise and services in plastic injection
  • le Construction specialising in paving and sealing
  • le Services providing products ranging from service vouchers to horticulture and including cleaning and staffing

Serviplast wants to be the preferred partner of its customers in each of these fields, sought out for its technical expertise, mastery of processes based on optimal quality and its ability to meet deadlines, as well as for its ability to provide high-performance, innovative solutions via its services.

A social purpose


Achieving performance in each of its areas of expertise isn’t Serviplast’s only goal. In addition to providing solutions that meet the expectations of its customers, the company also wants to meet another challenge: to be recognised for its contribution to integrating persons with disabilities in the workforce. This is Serviplast’s mission as a social enterprise.

40 years of experience combining technical expertise and social integration


Serviplast was created in 1976 and has acquired extensive technical know-how over time. It provides its customers with advanced expertise in the design and implementation of solutions which are perfectly suited to their needs while ensuring the optimal integration of workers with disabilities in the workplace.