We assemble the impossible for you !

Serviplast offers a complete range of service for the packaging of your products, in small series or large quantities.

Serviplast guides you in each step : assembling, packaging (envelopes, bags, boxes, …), palletization, storage and the shipping of your products all over the world.

Case study for the company MYDO®

  • Assembling of the product
  • Packaging of the components of the kit
  • Quality control
  • Set-up of the packaging
  • Packaging in boxes
  • Labelling according to the requirements of the customer
  • Management of the palletization and storage
  • Shipping to the point of sales of the customer

The subcontracting of the packaging of your products tricks to save time.
Your teams would concentrate on higher added value tasks.

I want to assemble my products

At your place or at our place ?

  • Our team can insure the services inside your company. That way we avoid the transport of your products and that enables the integration of your own production lines.
  • Do you have a lack of space ? Our hall dedicated to the packaging welcomes your components to assemble, packed and shipped. We could also store your parcels during the necessary time.
Demande de conditionnement
Demande de conditionnement

Regular or temporary needs ?

  • Our teams deal with temporary demands such as : hamper making, labelling of a product, bagging of components, mailshots making, … Serviplast deploies people very quickly to make these missions possible. And this in a record time for example for your company events, your actions for the end-of-year or your trade fairs.
  • Do you have regular deliveries to honor your orders or to make the restocking of your shelves ? We could foresee a global contract with traceability.

Small series or large quantities ?

  • Serviplast implements a specific process for each production : assembly of a small serie requiring a long time of production or fast packaging of large quantities.
  • Quality and deadline compliance are at the heart of our concerns to guarantee effective services.
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We sign up for :

  • an effective outsourcing service
  • on-time deliveries
  • a precise and meticulous services
  • attractive prices
  • full flexibility
Services at your place or at our place

Regular or temporary needs

Small or large quantities

Shipping (logistic)

Certification ISO 9001-14001