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Our Industry Division’s latest projects will give you ideas for your project. See our engineering department, tooling, plastic injection, assembly and logistics successes. Discover our expertise through case studies.

Our plastic injection projects



This project was conceived by the Serviplast Engineering Department and included tooling, parts injection, functional assembly of the components, packaging and logistics.



Phase 1: Preparation of cables for overmoulding by our assembly team:

  • Cable and wire cutting
  • Removal of sheaths and/or stripping
  • Insert crimping

Phase 2 : Santoprene cable overmoulding by the injection unit



TableUp is the first product in the Izzylife line developed by Serviplast. This is a system to raise tables to facilitate access by people using a wheelchair. Serviplast took care of the tooling, parts injection, functional assembly of the parts, packaging and logistics.



For this project, we did PEEK collar injection, which requires high-temperatures, and special tool maintenance.

Our assembly projects


Ten years ago, Serviplast was contacted by a company which designed a device to treat migraines. The company was looking for a partner to package the devices. We developed special packaging.


We earned the trust of management thanks to this successful first project. Serviplast also developed the assembly process and programming for the machines. Personnel was trained in assembly and programming as well as in quality control.


We have since kept pace with the changes in the product (second-generation device). We are responsible for assembling, packaging and shipping full production runs to end-customers.


Over 20,000 devices were assembled and packaged by Serviplast in 2016.