As well otherwise


Promoting the integration of persons with disabilities in the workplace


As a social enterprise, Serviplast’s mission is to promote people with disabilities by ensuring their integration in the workplace. This social purpose is based on the development of high-performance jobs which meet the requirements of our customers.

A new approach to work


The integration of workers with disabilities requires a specific organisation of the company. The adaptation and organisation of the workstation, worker training, supervision and specific communication are required to ensure that each person is successfully integrated in the workplace. Serviplast’s goal is to see a disability as an opportunity to do things differently, but just as well and to provide each employee with a job that enables them to reach their full potential.

Making rewarding jobs accessible


For many years now, Serviplast has chosen to develop its activities in sectors demanding true qualifications and skills. Many trades are made accessible to disabled workers at Serviplast, such as plastic injection operator, maintenance technician, administrative employee, paver, QA agent, sealer, technical assembly operator, etc.

Meeting customer requirements


Serviplast has developed its activities in three fields throughout its history: Industry, Construction and Services. Our customers are national or international industrial companies, construction companies, government bodies, and individuals. Their requirements for Serviplast are identical to those they would have for any other service provider: quality and on-time delivery. Serviplast’s teams are highly qualified and skilled and are proud of their ability to meet their customers’ expectations.