Serviplast: 40 years of experience empowering persons with disabilities

Serviplast was originally founded in 1976 as a non-profit protected workshop. Over time, the company’s activities changed and it became a commercial enterprise, but didn’t lose sight of its social purpose. Serviplast is recognised for its know-how in plastic injection, paving and sealing and continues to expand its activities for the benefit of its social purpose.

From the Atelier de la Cédrogne to Serviplast


The Cédrogne protected workshop was created on 2 June 1976. The non-profit association oversaw two types of activities for disabled workers: mattress carding and the manufacture of concrete posts. These two activities lasted about a decade before being replaced with newer jobs.

In 1986, a new “Sealing Works” department was created jointly with Sommer (now Tarkett). Its first project was a sizeable challenge: to install sealing membranes on the ammunition bunkers at the Jéhonville (Bertrix) military base. After three years of work, more than 250,000 sq m of synthetic PVC membrane were installed.

In 1988, plastic injection was launched jointly with Tarkett and soon after, Ferrero. The company, which had renamed itself “Multi-Services”, changed its name to Serviplast in 1991, giving its new activity more visibility.
Serviplast continued to offer its packaging services. In 1991, the external works business created a “paving” department to meet certain customers’ needs. This new activity allowed the business to strengthen its presence in the local and regional economy. It also allowed the business to expand the range of professions it could offer its personnel.

Change of legal status and professionalisation


In 1997, protected workshops became “social enterprises” after the sector was reformed to better highlight their economic role as professional integration organisations. Serviplast changed its legal form in 2005. It was the first social enterprise in Wallonia to change from a non-profit organisation to a limited liability co-operative company with a social purpose (SCRL FS). This more commercial legal form enabled it to strengthen its image and credibility as a economic player vis-à-vis its customers and partners.

This change also reflected a desire to professionalise the trades and services offered by the business. A new and important milestone was achieved in 2000 when the company was awarded its first ISO 9001 certification. This quality guarantee allowed it to strengthen its collaboration with its customers and opened up new markets.
In 2006, Serviplast created a new co-operative with a social purpose: Servi-Titres. The service voucher company with 85 employees offers home assistance services in Bastogne and Rendeux.

Starting in 2007, the company gained new customers which linked injection activities with assembly and packaging (manufacture of transformers, connectors and cables).
Serviplast also expanded its line of services with logistics management (warehousing and shipping).
In 2011, Serviplast continued to pursue its integration of complementary businesses by acquiring S.A. Mazzeo, which is active in the design of plastic injection moulds. The company was renamed Serviplast Outillage.

Serviplast today


The Serviplast Group consists of three companies: Serviplast, Serviplast Outillage and Servi-Titres. They employ over 250 people, including persons with disabilities, and have developed expertise in the following three fields: Industry, Construction and Services. The divisions share a common DNA: to combine a profitable business with a social purpose.