Engineering department

The Serviplast Engineering Department, to get your project off to a good start


The Serviplast Engineering Department works with you from initial concept to the final plan for your part. CAD software, injection simulation and 3D prototyping enable you to design a part which fully meets your specifications.

A specialized company


Serviplast has been a plastic injection specialist for over 30 years. It has developed a line of complementary services to assist you at each step of your project: engineering department, design and manufacturing of tooling, plastic injection, technical assembly and packaging and logistics. To ensure that your project is a success, Serviplast’s Engineering Department includes all plastic injection optimisation parameters in your part’s design.

The design of your plastic part


The design of a plastic part requires taking into account a multitude of characteristics related to its application. Mould manufacturing and injection production factors must also be fully analysed.
The analysis carried out by the Serviplast Engineering Department will identify all of the required uses for your parts. The advantage with Serviplast is that it can provide you with its toolmaking and injection expertise starting with the part’s very first design step. This enables you to save both time and money and ensures maximum part quality.

Injection simulation


Serviplast simulates injection to anticipate and correct moulding problems. The simulations are integrated with each step of your project’s development process to cover all possibilities. We suggest corrective action based on the results obtained and analysed by our team. We will ensure that you fully understand the plastic injection moulding process.

3D prototyping


The 3D prototyping technique enables our team to model your part so that it is as close to the final product as possible. The goal is to enable you to visualise the project and to give you a concrete idea of the shape and behaviour of your part once the process has been completed. It is an essential step to avoid manufacturing defects.