We pack and deliver your products !


What is the similarity between the antimigraine device Cefaly, the modular furniture MyDo, the connectors ADB and the Thule boxes for Eurolocks ? All of these products are assembling and packaging by Serviplast’s teams !

Do you have regular or on-time needs of packaging, bagging or packing of your products ? Are you searching for a flexible partner who promises to respect the quality and deadlines ? Serviplast offers you a tailor-made solution !

Packing, packaging and labelling.

When it comes to a peak of your workload, on-time services to realise or occasionnal operations that you would like to outsource, Serviplast is your partner for all of your packaging needs.

Small, medium or large series, each production is the subject of a precise working plan which assures a steady quality and the respect of your deadlines. Our operators are trained during each startup of a new production and a procedure of specific check is defined by our quality department.

Logistics besides !

As well as the packaging, Serviplast can also take charge of your logistics. Once your products are packaged, they are stored and delivered everywhere in the world at your customers or distributors.

You can benefit from a full packaging service that can incorporate your own system of labelling and traceability of your products. Thanks to Serviplast, you save time, space and you are ensured of a perfect packaging of your products.

Discover in details the assembling and packaging department of Serviplast